Indyamarra: "Give honour, be respectful, polite, gentle, patient and honest with each other"

During 2016, the Indigenous students of Portland Central School have been taking part in a range of cultural activities.

These included creating works of art in the form of Yadakis (didgeridoos), participating in Aboriginal dance workshops and learning the Wiradjuri language by creating illustrations and stories for a series of children’s books. The students also took part in group discussions about identity and culture, under the guidance of Uncle Owen Smith, Aunty Nyree Reynolds and Aunty Kim Cama.

The students at Portland Central School learnt a lot about their identity and culture through these workshops and would like to thank Uncle Owen Smith and Aunty Nyree Reynolds for giving up their time to share knowledge and wisdom of the Wiradjuri culture.

Story contributed by Matthew Riley from Portland Central School. Published in 2017.