Cooerwull Public School at the Rydal Show

Rydal Show

Cooerwull Public School (CPS) students and staff worked hard with Aboriginal Educational Officers Aunty Kym and Uncle Owen to produce some outstanding results at the Rydal Show.

They designed and made clapping sticks, boomerangs, Yidakis (didgeridoos) and emu callers.


The Wudhagaragarra Awards celebrated and recognised innovation, excellence and achievement in Aboriginal Education in NSW public schools and school communities.

Cooerwull Public School received the Outstanding School Award. Schools in this category demonstrated a commitment to improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal students. Nominees demonstrated that their school developed and maintained successful partnerships with their local community, which improved positively on school planning practices.

Nominees also demonstrated an outstanding and innovative approach to Aboriginal education.

The school recognised the work of Uncle Owen and Auntie Kym for their positive contributions to Aboriginal Education at Cooerwull and within the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG).

Story contributed by Lorraine Salon from Cooerwull Public School and Kym Cama from the AECG Published in 2018.