Yalbilinya Bubadyang

Cooerwull Public School has a proud tradition of supporting students and the community to develop a deeper understanding of Aboriginal cultures.

The school has recently added a Yalbilinya Bubadyang (Yarning Room for little fellas) at the infants site. They are proud to be hosting an Aboriginal Playgroup in partnership with Thrive services and the Aboriginal Culture and Resource Centre each Wednesday morning between 9:30 am and 11:30am during school terms. This playgroup allows children aged up to 5 years to develop familiarity within the school setting. They get the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of school before they start Kindergarten. Parents and carers also get to meet others and develop new friendships in a child-friendly and supportive environment.

The Yalbilinya Bubadyang is also used on Wednesday afternoons for our primary leaders to teach dance, tell Dreaming stories, sing songs using some Wiradjuri language and learn to respect our Aboriginal cultures. The experience allows our leaders to develop leadership skills through the teaching of ‘Yindyamarra’, which means to be respectful, be gentle, be polite, be honourable and do things slowly.

On Thursday afternoons the room is also utilised for a homework club that assists students with their homework as well as teaching social and life skills. This program is run with support from Centracare and HIPPIE.

Aunty Kym Cama is our Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO). She brings our students and community together to develop a deeper understanding of Aboriginal cultures within the whole school. She guides our students to become proud young leaders, both within the school and the wider communities.

Contributed by Lorraine Salon from Cooerwull Public School. Published in 2019.