Maiyingu Marragu

Staff at Wallerawang Public School had the opportunity to increase their cultural awareness and reflect on how we continue to build a culturally safe school. Thank you to members of our Aboriginal community for building our cultural understanding and continuing to work alongside staff to enhance knowledge that will support our students.

Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hand Aboriginal Place) is situated on the western edge of the Newnes Plateau. It was an important meeting and educational place and holds special meaning for Wiradjuri people. It is a place of natural beauty. The place is also highly valued by the wider Aboriginal community, including Gandangara, Dharug and Dharkinjung people. Blackfellows Hand Aboriginal Place was also important as an occupation site and includes a men’s and a women’s area.

Blackfellows Hand holds special meaning to Wiradjuri people because of their continuing cultural connection and we have been fortunate to have a Wiradjuri man share knowledge and understanding with school staff. The site includes rock shelters and stencil art, where traditional culture can be sustained.

Story contributed by Jenny Lamborn from Wallerawang Public School. Published in 2020.